Longmeadow broomball

Long Meadow Broomball is an annual tradition started in 1988!  The festivities revolve around good food, good friends, and of course the great game of broomball.  Adding to the fun, each year there is a theme and everyone comes dressed to impress.  In the past some of the themes have been costumes, denim, wind suits, and this year’s theme is Capes!  So grab your favorite super hero costume and join us on the ice.  Don’t forget mustaches or mullets are not just encouraged, at least one or the other is REQUIRED!

Dropping the Ball Since 1988!

Update: 2016 Theme - Where’s Waldo?

Count down to Broomball:

Join us February 6, 2016!

The party starts at 10 am followed by games at the Rumsey Rink!